Roller Supplier Quebec

Rulmeca serves Quebec and surrounding areas as the largest supplier of rollers for heavy duty belt conveyors. Along with providing our rollers to Quebec, Rulmeca also offers a range of motorized pulleys. Our well designed conveyor rollers can tackle heavy duty conveyor use and are supplied throughout Quebec on a daily basis.

Along with our range of standard configuration rollers, we can work with you to manufacture a custom designed roller ready for your specialty application.

Quality Rollers

Conveyor rollers make up a key component of the conveyor process, supporting the conveyor belt along with any materials conveyed down the length of the conveyor. Prevent stretching, sagging, and eventual failure of your conveyor belt with our quality rollers.

Providing peak performance even in the harshest of environments, our versatile rollers are available to Quebec and beyond ranging from CEMA B, up to CEMA G+. Ready to work with any conveyor belt width on your job site in Quebec, our rollers are pre-greased and sealed for life.

The Rulmeca Difference

Rulmeca group works hard to meet the need of our customers and our team of over 1000 employees serve more than 85 countries worldwide. Ready to protect your equipment, our industrial grade conveyor rollers are manufactured using high quality materials.

If you are in search of a reliable roller supplier for Quebec, connect with our team today who can assist with all of your roller requirements.

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