Roller Supplier Manitoba

As the leading supplier of rollers built for heavy duty belt conveyors in Manitoba, Rulmeca takes pride in excellence. Along with our advanced rollers, Rulmeca provides a range of motorized pulleys to Manitoba and beyond. Distributed on a daily basis throughout Manitoba, our precise conveyor rollers are ready for heavy duty conveyor use.

Choose from a range of standard configuration rollers, or work with us to design a custom manufactured roller for your specialty application.

Rollers Designed To Perform

Serving to provide support to both the conveyor belt and the materials being conveyed down the length of the conveyor, conveyor rollers are a vital component in the conveying process. We’ve designed our quality rollers to prevent the conveyor belt from sagging and stretching, which could lead to failure.

Ensuring our rollers are compatible with all conveyor belt widths, we supply our rollers to Manitoba and beyond ranging from CEMA B, up to CEMA G+. Our rollers are designed to provide the ultimate in performance and longevity even in the harshest of environments and are supplied to Manitoba pre-greased and sealed for life.

The Rulmeca Approach

With a team of over 1000 employees, Rulmeca Group proudly serves customers in over 85 countries across the world. Our industrial grade conveyor rollers are manufactured using only the highest quality materials to ensure your equipment is protected.

If you are reviewing roller suppliers for Manitoba, our helpful team is ready to connect with you to review all of your roller needs today.

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