Pulley Supplies for Yukon

We are the biggest supplier of Pulleys for the Yukon, with a range of low maintenance motorized pulleys that are a great alternative to non-motorized pulleys. Shipped throughout the Yukon and beyond, our custom engineered pulleys are enclosed in steel, ensuring their compact design allows for a highly efficient pulley system that remains resilient, giving all our customers complete peace of mind.

Why Our Motorized Pulleys Are Superior

Since being founded in 1962, the Rulmeca Group has grown to become the top supplier of Pulleys, Rollers, and material handling components for the Yukon. Our motorized pulleys are designed to be variable frequency drive compatible, driving inclined, reversing, articulating, and high-duty cycle conveyors with ease. Shipped to the Yukon, we ensure our pulleys are hermetically sealed within an oil-filled steel shell, providing a highly reliable conveyor drive needing minimal maintenance.

Experience The Benefits Of Motorized Pulleys

Our motorized pulleys are readily supplied throughout the Yukon and beyond. Providing energy efficient and quieter operation, our motorized pulleys are designed to be compact and fully sealed, with an IP-67 dust and moisture protection rating.

  • Mechanical pulley system for complete efficiency (93-97%)
  • Direct drive designed to prevent loss of efficiency
  • Easier installation (advanced mounting platforms are not needed)
  • Variable frequency drive designed
  • Rotating pulley system for safety
  • Designed with no external moving parts (less maintenance)
  • Mechanical backstops for order
  • More secure thermal protection
  • External brake choices
  • Time for fast shipping to the Yukon

Classify Your Pulley Needs Today

As the leading manufacturer of professional material handling components serving more than 85 countries, Rulmeca Group supplies idlers, precision rollers, and motorized pulleys to our customers, becoming a trusted partner within the industry.

If you are currently seeking motorized pulley supplies to outfit your operation in the Yukon, our team is ready to review all of your pulley needs today.

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