Pulley Supplies for North Carolina

We are the largest Pulley supplier in North Carolina and beyond, providing motorized pulleys that provide a safer and lower maintenance alternative to non-motorized pulleys. Shipped throughout North Carolina, we enclose our custom made pulleys in steel, ensuring all of our customers have full peace of mind with a compact and efficient pulley system designed to work hard.

Versatile Motorized Pulleys

Since 1962, the Rulmeca Group has worked hard to become the leading supplier of Pulleys, Rollers, and material handling components for North Carolina. Ready to drive inclined, reversing, articulating, and even high-duty cycle conveyors, our motorized pulleys are always variable frequency drive compatible. Available to North Carolina, we ensure our pulleys are hermetically sealed within an oil-filled steel shell, giving you a reliable conveyor drive requiring little maintenance.

Motorized Pulley Features

Experience the difference with our motorized pulleys, promptly supplied to North Carolina and beyond. With maximized energy efficiency and quiet operation, our sealed and compact pulleys have an IP-67 dust and moisture protection rating.

  • A more mechanically efficient pulley system (93-97%)
  • Direct drive design (efficiency never lost)
  • Basic installation (requiring no advanced mounting platforms)
  • Variable frequency drive for versatility
  • Protected / rotating pulley shell design
  • Lack of external moving parts means less maintenance
  • Mechanical backstops ready when requested
  • More secure thermal protection
  • External brake choices
  • Ready for prompt North Carolina shipping

Your Pulley Needs Require Action Today

Working hard to grow to become the number one manufacturer of a large selection of material handling components, Rulmeca Group proudly provides precision rollers, idlers and motorized pulleys to our customers in over 85 countries.

If it is time for updated motorized pulley supplies for your operation in North Carolina, contact our team and start discussing your pulley requirements today.

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