Idler Supplier Utah

Rulmeca is Utah’s largest supplier of Idlers. Along with providing the Utah area with professional Idlers, we also offer a range of Rollers and Motorized Pulleys. We’ve crafted our Idlers to work within heavy-duty conveyors often found inside quarries and various mining applications throughout Utah.

We are regularly able to distribute our Idlers throughout Utah. No matter your load requirements or characteristics of the materials being carried, our Idlers can be arranged in many formats to suit your needs. We provide Utah with a range of standard configuration Idlers and are also able to work with our customers to design custom manufactured Idlers ready for any specialty application.

Vital Idler Components

Making up a vital part of the conveying process, our Idlers serve to support both the conveyor belt and the material being conveyed along the full length of the conveyor. Keep your conveyor belt from stretching and sagging with our quality Idlers.

Our Idlers, available for supply in Utah, range from CEMA B, up to CEMA G+ and are ready to work with all conveyor belt widths. We ensure our Idlers come in a pre-greased state, supplied to Utah sealed for life to ensure they are ready for any environment, including dirty, dusty areas, high humidity levels, and dramatically high or low temperatures.

What Makes Rulmeca Distinct?

Our Utah customers all agree Rulmeca is a leader when it comes to Idler technology. We manufacture our industrial-grade Idlers using the highest quality bearings to ensure the longevity of each roller while helping reduce Idler replacement costs.

Rulmeca Group has more than 1200 employees across the globe, assisting our customers in Utah and in over 85 countries worldwide by providing our industrial-grade Idlers our customers have come to expect.

If you have been seeking a quality Idler supplier for Utah, speak with our expert team today and review your Idler needs.

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