Idler Supplier North Carolina

Rulmeca is proud to be a leading supplier of Idlers for North Carolina. Along with our range of Idlers, we provide North Carolina with a selection of Rollers and Motorized Pulleys. Ready for use in heavy-duty conveyors, you can find our Idlers inside of quarries and mining applications in North Carolina and beyond.

3dWe distribute our Idlers throughout North Carolina regularly. Our Idlers are ready to take on your load requirements and characteristics of the materials being carried, as our Idlers can be arranged in many formats. Along with our standard configuration Idlers, we are able to manufacture custom-designed Idlers crafted to meet the specs of our North Carolina customers and ready to be applied to any specialty application.

Idlers Manufactured With A Difference

Our Idlers help to support both the conveyor belt and the materials being carried down the length of the conveyor and are an important part of the conveying process. Our Idlers are able to prevent the conveyor belt from stretching, sagging, and eventually failing.

Our Idlers are ready for supply in North Carolina and range from CEMA B, up to CEMA G+, compatible with all conveyor belt widths. Our Idlers are distributed in North Carolina in a pre-greased state to ensure they are sealed for life, ready to tackle the most difficult environments from dirty, dusty areas, to extreme hot or cold temperatures and humidities.

What Is The Rulmeca Difference?

Our North Carolina customers all agree Rulmeca sets the standard in Idler technology. We manufacture our industrial-grade Idlers using only the best bearings, assisting in extending the life of each roller which helps reduce your Idler replacement costs long-term.

Rulmeca Group has a team of over 1200 employees across the globe working with 85 countries, assisting our North Carolina customers by providing the professional-grade Idlers our customers have come to expect.

For a professional Idler supplier in North Carolina, reach out to our helpful team today and we can review all of your Idler needs.

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