Conveyor Parts British Columbia

Rulmeca is proud to be the leading manufacturer of conveyor parts across the globe, shipping conveyor parts throughout British Columbia. We offer a wide selection of conveyor parts, from conveyor rollers/idlers to pulleys (motorized and non-motorized) and conveyor components ready to take on heavy duty quarry and mining applications.

Discovering The Rulmeca Difference

Rulmeca Group was founded in 1962 and has quickly grown to be a leading partner to the global materials handling industry. With over 1200 employees worldwide, Rulmeca Group supplies customers in British Columbia, and in more than 85 countries, with heavy duty conveyor parts. Our customers in British Columbia can attest, Rulmeca is a leader in conveyor parts, as we use only the highest quality materials available to manufacture our conveyor parts, allowing them to provide premium durability when compared to other conveyor part manufacturers.

Long Lasting Conveyor Parts

Our conveyor parts help extend the life of your conveyor, from our conveyor bearings to our advanced idlers, pulleys, and conveyor components, allowing you to avoid spending frustrating and unnecessary time and money dealing with costly conveyor repairs.

Tackle Your Conveyor Part Needs Today

If you require a professional conveyor part supplier in British Columbia, connect with our helpful team today. Phone 519-627-2277.

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