Product Description

Our 15.91” diameter Motorized Pulley range offers three different performance levels for BULK applications:

  • L for Light duty
  • M for Medium duty
  • H for Heavy duty

It is important to note the product differences and choose the appropriate pulley based on estimated belt tension (radial load.) The actual radial load must be less than the maximum allowable radial load shown in this catalog.

Be aware of increased belt tensions required to drive multi-ply thick heavy belts and/or larger belt widths.

If the 15.91” diameter model is not strong enough to resist estimated belt tension, then select 19.72” diameter model.

L for Light Duty

400L is designed for regular and continuous operating conditions. It is advisable to rubber lag these pulleys to grip the belt and limit belt tension. A popular application is self-cleaning magnetic separators. 400L uses motor and gearbox from 320M.

M for Medium Duty

400M is designed for tough and irregular operating conditions. 400M is typically used in heavy mobile crushing & screening applications as well as in crushed stone, ore, cement, steel, and fertilizer handling.

H for Heavy Duty

A solid 3-stage gearbox enables the 400H to provide low speed at high torque and handle irregular loadings in harsh operating conditions.

Standard Specification of Motorized Pulley

  • Energy efficient & quiet
  • Crowned mild steel 15.91” diameter steel shell painted yellow at a minimum thickness of 2.4 mils
  • Bolted powder coated cast iron bearing housings and covers, all painted yellow at a minimum thickness of 2.4 mils
  • Mild steel shafts treated w/anti-rust wax
  • Shaft sealing system – degree of protection IP66/67 (EN60034-5.)
  • Powder coated aluminum terminal box for 400L
  • Cast iron terminal box for 400M & 400H painted yellow at min.thickness of 2.4 mils
  • 3-phase induction motors with thermal protector
  • Voltage: All common voltages available. Please specify.
  • Motor winding insulation Class H
  • Dynamically balanced rotor
  • Two oil plugs each fitted with a magnet to filter the oil
  • Oil change recommended every 50,000 operational hours for synthetic oil (or 20,000 operational hours for mineral oil.)
  • Minimum RL. Refer to pages 41-42.
  • Maximum RL – Please inquire
  • Non standard RL’s available
  • To be used in horizontal positions ±5 degree only
  • External break optional


  • Completely sealed, compact units save precious space
  • Operates at an average mechanical efficiency of 95%, saving money in energy usage
  • VFD Compatible to provide belt speed flexibility
  • Simple mounting in challenging areas such as tail drives, head drives and dual drives
  • Low maintenance – oil change every 30,000 operating hours on synthetic lubricating oil


  • Broad product line including 9 diameters (138mmØ to 1000mmØ) and power ranging from .33Hp to 330Hp
  • Virtually any face width is available
  • External options include surface finishes (stainless, rubber lagging, ceramic lagging) and sealing systems (standard labyrinth seals, regreasable)
  • Internal options such as mechanical backstops, DC brakes, stator heaters and more