Product Description

Motorized Pulley 165E, with machined helical gearbox, performs with a gearbox efficiency of 95% of nominal power, in a compact diameter of 6.49 inches. With a minimum roller length (RL) of 15.75” and powers ranging from 0.15 to 3.0 HP, this Motorized Pulley is suitable for most small diameter applications. These include:

  • Light agricultural conveyors
  • Light C & D debris conveyors
  • Mobile and portable conveyors

Motorized Pulley 165E features a standard enclosure class of IP66/67 and is also available in stainless steel for wash down applications.

Standard Specification of Motorized Pulley

  • Energy efficient & quiet
  • Crowned mild steel 6.49” shell treated with anti-rust wax
  • Die cast aluminum bearing housing
  • Mild steel shaft treated with anti-rust wax
  • Die cast lightweight aluminum gearbox housing
  • Sealing system – degree of protection IP66/67 (EN60034-5.)
  • Compact die cast aluminum terminal box with WAGO connectors
  • Voltage: All common voltages available. Please specify.
  • Three phase induction motor
  • One out of two oil plugs is fitted with a magnet to filter the oil.
  • Motor winding insulation class H
  • Dynamically balanced rotor
  • Oil change recommended every 50,000 operational hours for synthetic oil (or 20,000 operational hours for mineral oil.)
  • Maximum RL 70.87”
  • Non standard RL lengths available.
  • To be used in the horizontal position only.
  • External break optional


  • Completely sealed, compact units save precious space
  • Operates at an average mechanical efficiency of 95%, saving money in energy usage
  • VFD Compatible to provide belt speed flexibility
  • Simple mounting in challenging areas such as tail drives, head drives and dual drives
  • Low maintenance – oil change every 30,000 operating hours on synthetic lubricating oil


  • Broad product line including 9 diameters (138mmØ to 1000mmØ) and power ranging from .33Hp to 330Hp
  • Virtually any face width is available
  • External options include surface finishes (stainless, rubber lagging, ceramic lagging) and sealing systems (standard labyrinth seals, regreasable)
  • Internal options such as mechanical backstops, DC brakes, stator heaters and more